Why a blog?

I’m a death metal guy who isn’t metal. I do death metal albums for fun. I’ve spent the last twelve or so years touring around blasting people with brutal music. I yell at them in a demonic growl, and occasionally smack them in the face to get our point across. I’ve got a website and a facebook page, and I blurt out all my innermost abstract thoughts on emotions on recordings. What do I want with a blog? Aren’t all those other outlets enough?

Nope. I thought long and hard about doing a blog alongside my latest release (The Senseless  ‘The Floating World’), and have some pretty specific reasons for doing this.

The band website is like a sales portal, with plenty of yummy retail window-dressing like pictures and mp3s. The facebook page is for direct interaction with the people who are into my mental music. The recordings are me searching heaven and earth for ways to get people off on sounds they haven’t heard before. In between all of this and my experience lie a bunch of yummy stories and wacked-out thoughts that I share with friends at the time. I’ve been reading back over them, and they’re pretty ridiculous. It seems a bit selfish to keep them hidden on my drives and emails, so I’ll chuck ’em out here.

Last time I released a Senseless album all sorts of bizarre music industry stuff happened. I reckon this blog – one step removed from the ‘professional’ face of the band – is a good place to document it. I’m no longer behoven to a label or distributor, or have any media figures to keep onside, so I can let my mouth run free. It may prove illuminating! – but honestly, it’ll probably better serve as a destination for some hot rants that I will feel mildly embarrassed about later. The music industry has always been a bus shelter jammed with rotters and it will be fun to recount some candid experiences instead of gnawing on my tongue.

And lastly, I get asked a bit by other bands and musicians for advice. God knows why, they probably want to ask Lamb of God or Cannibal Corpse, or someone who actually makes a living from their music instead of doing it as a hobby. However I do have the odd recommendation that isn’t completely retarded. My experiences in music have been an exercise in making a lot happen with very little time and next to no money. This has forced us to focus on what is efficient and effective, and to think clearly about how to achieve your goals in a band as quickly as possible. Plus I’ve had the luck to work alongside some geniuses and have nicked their working methods. I may ask for the odd guest to offer a few gems of wisdom. Again, a blog seems the best place to share.

Anyways, enough faff. Time to get stuff up.


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