Brutal Gig

Uberrock have a story of mine about a brutal gig I did with Berzerker in Nottingham up on their site under the ‘Hells Gigs’ section. Anyone who wants the full story behind the gig on the Berzerker DVD where I punch that guy in the face can get it here:

* update 5/6/12: My good friend Mr.P found the youtube clip of the punch for your delectation at :

Additionally, I found a brief electronic diary note from that show. We were travelling with a friend called Nails who’s a purveyor of snuff and porn (or at least was) and we wanted to incorporate projections and visuals into the show so we could have a truly classy multimedia event. We waded through a bunch of horrifyingly nasty footage while travelling on the bus and selected the highlights. Thus the Nottingham show was preceded with me  handing the sound desk a remote control and instructing them to commence the video “at the part where the pig gets blowtorched”.

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One thought on “Brutal Gig

  1. […] I’ve covered this gig before. 03 mar Cathouse, Glasgow – We always love playing Glasgow, cool promoters, bands and clubs. Only problem was this place had no lift and the stage was at the top of a staircase so we had to carry everything up which took the wind out of us a bit. Watched Co-Exist open up the night’s proceedings, and wondered how on earth no-one has signed them yet. They had a guy filling in for lead vocals tonight because the usual vocalist was in hospital, punctured lung I think. The start of the gig wasn’t too flash for me – the bass cut out halfway through the opening track (‘Principles’ I think). When the song finished I had to hold the bass up in the air and punch the back of it a few times, then it came good for the rest of the gig. The pick-up’s battery was a bit loose or something. Otherwise, a good gig. Usual crazy Glaswegian crowd. […]

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