recommended reading – The Rotted tour diary

Just realised a few things all at once:

  1. The Rotted have a blog
  2. They are on tour at the moment
  3. Their blog is actually interesting to read, candid, and well written

A little bit of knowledge is an awesome thing. My tour stories probably end up sounding like a broken record (kind of like my music)….always “this went wrong”, “then he started bleeding”, “didn’t get paid”, “no food so we ate the setlists”, etcetera. Reading The Rotted tour stories reminds me of touring all over again: the exhaustion, getting anything resembling a daily routine smashed to bits, band hierarchies on tour, the social life exclusive to a touring band, and so on. Anyone who is starting off in a band would do well to read it and see what’s in store for them.

gentlemen AND scholars



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