Gloria Cavalera’s Blog

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For anyone unaware, Gloria is Max Cavalera’s wife and managed Sepultura and Sacred Reich during their glory days.

I first read this last year, and the impression I received was this was someone with some amazing stories to tell and knowledge to share but the writing let it down. It felt like a series of afterthoughts instead of entries or articles.

I had occasion to read back through it today and it’s much, much better. The writing and pics take you right to Ground Zero of metal in a very special time and place, and the industry knowledge she imparts is still relevant today.

…and before I forget, it’s best to read her blog from oldest to most recent posts.

update 1/10/14 : ah crap….a recent read of her blog indicates that it is going the way of 9/11 conspiracy theories with a good dollop of vaguebooking tendencies. “Ground Zero of metal” indeed. Reader beware.

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