The Senseless Update 11/2/15

Anyone following my personal band The Senseless knows I’ve got a new album in the works. It’s called ‘The Buried Life’ and simply put, it’s fucking awesome. But I realise that people who like The Senseless probably need a bit more information than that. If I was making goreslambrutal metal, I could probably just go “IT’S FUCKING BRUTAL” and everyone would erupt in raptures but it ain’t and you won’t, so here’s more detail.

You may be wondering how far along this album is. That’s a fair question, I’ve been known to take up to ten years squeezing these buggers out. I’ve written thirteen tracks, over an hour of music. That’s a fucking LOT of metal right there and it’s not all going to make it on the album. Naturally I think it’s all solid gold so you’ll get to hear any tracks which aren’t on the main release, whether they get released as an EP, on a japanese CD release, or just as bonus downloads further down the track. I’m trying to work out what songs work well enough with each other, and what order they should go in. Track order is a mysterious thing, and some songs that are fucking balltearers can suddenly sound uninspired when put next to the wrong track.

All guitars, solos, and bass have been written. Half the vocals and lyrics have been written. This is just for pre-production demos. Writing and arranging this bullshit takes years, but once it’s done then recording happens pretty quickly. I was aiming for it be recorded next month, but I’ve decided to go to the northern island of Japan and ski on a volcano instead . I’m turning forty as well and will be celebrating for about two months (read: getting smashed enough to forget my age) so that’s put a little bit of a dent into production as well.

In an effort to reduce the time spent doing this thing, I’ll be using programmed drums again. I was planning on using Todd Hansen, who’s more than capable and keen to do it, but the boy is currently touring like a bugger with King Parrot. I don’t want to interrupt his schedule, he is the kind of guy who would somehow try and record drum tracks while on the road internationally with other bands. Although I’ve decided on the producer, that’ll be announced once recording is actually done. I’ve got to leave some surprises!

I don’t plan on any guest appearances, and this one will be all me. This is for a bazillion reasons, mostly just that I want to save time but also so I don’t have record companies launching publishing claims on my material (cough, EARACHE) and I’m also over retard metal media who can’t read press releases or liner notes attributing all my work to the guests! Seriously, after two albums of this shit there are people who still think that I just play bass on The Senseless. Sheesh.

As for the material itself? It’s rather different. There are some long tracks on this, like 5-6 minutes. There’s a few more songs that lack blastbeats, and I don’t think I shoot into the 300+ bpm stratosphere this time. There’s a song that sounds like Bolt Thrower with a bit of jazz. A long grind song that transforms into blissful black metal. One grind song with riffs straight out of 90s Florida, where I try and recreate the Trey/Brunelle ‘noise vs blues’ solo trade-off. A song which starts with a sequence that sounds like something you’d use to advertise rolex watches or expensive cars. Flamenco clapping. Subliminal shit. Although a lot of it is still happy, this album is even more depressed than ever before. There isn’t the overt humour like there was on the two previous releases. There are also about four tracks which are kind of like ‘Magnificent’ off ‘The Floating World‘. Fear not, there’s head-crushing aplenty but also more melody. This is extreme metal written by a dude who’s nearly forty and isn’t trying to write hormone-drenched teenage ball-swingers.

This won’t be the last of the updates. Things are starting the slow roll towards the finish line. Track titles, artwork, all of that stuff is still to come. Keep an eye out on the Senseless facebook page for immediate news. And in case you were wondering – still independent.


One thought on “The Senseless Update 11/2/15

  1. Luke says:

    I can’t wait, Sam! You’ve inspired me to keep doing my music and when you were in The Berzerker – something about your appearance on stage with the mask on and crazy presence made me want to keep making music as well. I don’t know what it was, but the brutality and passion of the music just makes me want to strive in what I’m doing. I really appreciate that you kept making music outside of the Berzerker, since that band seems to be on “hiatus”. I like that “Happy Grind” that you’re going for, it really is awesome and I respect your work, Sam! Keep up the amazing work!


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